McIntyre Brook, Gold Project, New Brunswick

New Acquisition*

Stratabound has an option to acquire 100% of the mineral rights to the McIntyre Gold Project located adjacent to Highway 180 about 80 kilometres west of Bathurst, New Brunswick. 

The McIntyre Gold Project represents an exciting new exploration model that has only recently been recognized to occur in the Maritimes with geological features comparable to world class iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) deposits such as Olympic Dam, Au (2.95Bt @ 1.2% Cu, 0.04% U, 0.5 gpt Au, 6 gpt Ag) and Candelaria, Chile (600mt @0.95% Cu, 0.22 gpt Au, 32.9 gpt Ag)

A Major Intercontinental Suture Zone Coincident with Major Gold Deposits Across Two Continents*


Two ancient super-continents Gondwanaland, (today South America, Africa, Madagascar, Antarctica and India), and Laurentia, (today North America and Greenland), slowly collided roughly between 450-350 million years ago compressing the earth’s crust in between creating orogenic belts, or new mountain ranges. The Iapetus Suture Line is the line along which both ancient continents collided and ultimately “sutured” together. The tremendous pressures from the collision squeezed, liquified and gasified minerals deep in the crust that escaped towards surface along fractures and faults, leaching out metals including gold and silver along the way. As the liquids and gases approached cooler and lower pressures towards the earths surface, they collected and precipitated into mineral deposits such as “orogenic” and ”IOCG-type” deposits along this Iapetus Suture Line.


Feb. 6, 2020 - New McIntyre Brook Property Acquisitions

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New – Dec. 2019 Drill Results

Dec. 2019 Drill Results

Drill results from Drill Hole MB019-04

Dec. 2019 Drill Results

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